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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My First Ever Blog - Beware!

Well, alrighty then. Let's make a few things perfectly clear right from the start. First question you may be asking - why have I become a blogger? It seems my kids, husband, aunts, uncles, cousins, mother, all think I'm just a barrel o' laughs. They think I'm just a regular hoot and a holler. Ok, well, really, it's just my mother who thinks that. If the truth be known, this is just another way to promote my business, Nature's Nurture Lamps, This is also an excellent way to totally embarrass my children, along with several other friends and family members who, for now, shall remain nameless. The namelessness (really, is that even a word?) will eventually change to being named - first names only, don't panic, unless I'm saying something really crappy about you and then I'll just make up a name so you have to guess if I'm talking about you or not.

Let's see now, what will I discuss in this blog? Somehow I should make it relate to my business, (, did I mention that?), but let's face it, folks, there's only so much you can say about lamps with cute little critters on them. I'll have to get creative. Which leads me to the title of my blog "Nature's Nurture and Why Life Sucks or Doesn't". Because sometimes life sucks and sometimes life doesn't. I've decided to explore the reasons for this, and believe it or not, my business actually is relevant to this in many ways. Eventually, I'll get around to explaining that. I think there are times when I might actually get a little "deep". Scary.

I should warn you. I can be a tad outspoken. Yes, it's true. If you happen to be a very devoutly religious person who is narrow minded, you might wanna skip this whole thing. If you happen to be a devoutly religious person with an open mind and an eagerness to learn, (not that you will necessarily learn from me), then you may actually survive this journey relatively unscathed. You choose. I even encourage misguided members of the Republican party to read and try to enjoy.

Having begun my blogging career, I'm going to bag it temporarily and go to bed. I'm sure you're all outrageously disappointed. I shall, however, return.

Nighty night,


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