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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sweet Inspiration

Every once in a while there comes along an "ah ha" moment which we never could have foreseen, which we never expected, a moment so obvious in its simplicity that it leaves us nearly breathless. A moment in time that makes negativity and the perplexities of every day life fade into the background, if only for that one moment in time. It is a moment not to be missed.

On a recent visit to my daughter's in Queens, we decided to take a day trip to the Bronx Zoo. While riding the monorail after walking around in the drizzle all day, the train rounded a bend, and there he was. A solitary tiger, a specimen of beauty so complete that I was nearly moved to tears. It was not until days later that I realized I had been able to capture my moment - and his - in a photo that would allow me to ponder upon the thoughts of this magnificent animal for the rest of my days. This regal cat emanated peace, displayed contentment merely by the lazy blink of his eyes. Whether he was truly at peace at this moment or it was simply my perception of what I wanted his reality to be, I don't know. But at that moment, it didn't matter. He could have been waiting to pounce on some poor, unsuspecting prey and thinking "lunch!", but it didn't matter. His tranquility was contagious. The vibrant orange of his spectacular coat contrasted vividly with the summer green of the trees. That same vibrant orange reflected softly in the still water, a calm oasis that rippled only slightly as the cat flexed his muscles. And as my eyes took in the majesty of this creature and transmitted that unforgettable picture to my brain, the reality of aging parents, struggling businesses, children's growing pains, unpaid bills and a bed beckoning me to return to it and remain there with my head under the covers until the end of time all left me. Only for a moment, but they left me, those problems determined to sidetrack me, because I could not deny that no matter what I believe, no matter what my trials and tribulations are, no matter how challenging my life has become, life was resoundingly beautiful. This world cannot be a bad place when there exists in it the power and glory of my exquisite tiger at the Bronx Zoo.

As you all work in your studios and workshops, creating your own beauty in the world, I wish for you to have an "ah ha" moment.

Best regards,